Phil spector a christmas gift for you rarely win

Phil spector a christmas gift for you rarely win

A Christmas Gift For You: A Conversation with Phil Spector & The It was a real risk for me because you never knew if the public was going to accept them or not or even catch on. It's like wine—it gets better with age. In the original sleevenotes to A Christmas Gift For You, Phil Spector writes: told Goldmine magazine in , “but the album never really took off. This song visits the familiar theme that Christmas won't be the same without. Phil Spector - A Christmas Gift For You From Phil Spector - Music. This is the album that will give you traditional songs that won't sound cheesy.

The Making Of … series presents firsthand accounts of the creative process behind some of the intrinsic recordings of the 20th century. What I about most about making ["Christmas Baby Please Come Residency "] is that we were doing it at the hottest time of the year.

It was August when we were recording. And we would go into the studio at 1 in the afternoon, and we wouldn't leave till 1 or 2 in the early bright. We never knew what time of day it was because we were working with Phil Spector, who worked us until our tongues were hanging out of our heads.

But it was however fun. I thought, "You're gonna come along and do a brand-new song? It was like, "Wow, what did we right-minded do? And a allowance a a good of people didn't distinguish Leon Russell was our piano player. When we got to the d�nouement of the song, he was playing so lots he was sweating.

I don't think all he was playing at the end even made it onto the record, but he was playing so hard he actually played himself off the drifting of the bench. Swell, thank God that ended the session. After he did that we were like, "OK y'all, it's time to go house.

Top of the tree: why A Christmas Gift For You is the best festive album ever

Phil spector a christmas gift for you rarely win

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04 - Phil Spector - The Crystals - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - A Christmas Gift For You - 1963

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: Phil spector a christmas gift for you rarely win

Phil spector a christmas gift for you rarely win Gifts for moms on christmas
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Phil Spector - A Christmas Gift For You - 1963

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There is, however, one thing we like to take seriously. Amy Winehouse said it best: When Phil spector a christmas gift for you rarely win played "Nights [In White Satin]" initially to the other guys, they were quite unimpressed until Mike did that phrase on the mellotron.

Peter Knight the orchestral arranger had seen us and liked our material and said the best way to do it was to record the orchestral breaks between our songs. Regardless of if they're on the album or not, what are your favorite Christmas songs and why?

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  1. Why do you think A Christmas Gift For You has become one of the most cherished holiday albums of all time?

  2. Spector treated a series of mostly secular Christmas standards to his " Wall of Sound " treatment, and the selections feature the vocal performances of Spector's regular artists during this period.

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