Ocbc 2019 christmas promotional giveaways

Ocbc 2019 christmas promotional giveaways

Kick off with these OCBC credit card buffet promotions. If you're taking advantage of Christmas buffet promotions, you won't be able to. FRANK by OCBC offers hot deals and promotions exclusive to Card Deals. VALID TILL 8 NOV 10% off à la carte items with a minimum of S$35 spent . Ongoing Singapore Airlines' promotions, two-to-go and other deals in Nov Find cheap SQ Early Bird Fares – Great Deals for Plan your travel. Ocbc 2019 christmas promotional giveaways

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: Ocbc 2019 christmas promotional giveaways

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An Angklung Christmas from OCBC

Ocbc 2019 christmas promotional giveaways -

Find out more on Gift of Gardens initiative. With a huge selection of local favourites like nonya kueh, durian penyat and egg tarts, as well as indulgent pastries and cakes, be sure to save some room for these delicious sweet treats! Discount, vouchers and privileges are not exchangeable for cash, kind or other goods and services.

Voucher is valid for 2 months from the date of issue indicated. All trademarks are owned by their respective owners. Promotion is not valid for premium priced films i. Valid for dine-in only, for a minimum of two diners and a maximum of eight diners per bill per table.

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Please switch to another web browser instead. Sunday Remix not inclusive. Advance reservation is required. Offer is valid for dine-in and takeaway only. Do check back for more promotions and offers which will be coming soon.

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FRANK by OCBC: Last Minute Christmas Shopping?

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